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Summer Fun!

Summer Fun by Abby McKenzie, MOT, OTR/L Gross Motor/Core Strengthening Activities: A strong core and foundation is needed to help fine motor and visual motor skills develop.   Crab Walk Soccer Wheelbarrow Races Hungry HungryHippos on Scooter Boards Swinging Trampoline Jumping Jacks Hopscotch   Fine Motor Activities/Bilateral Coordination: It’s always great to incorporate activities that encourage crossing midline, using two hands, palm to finger translation, manual dexterity, grip strength, pincer skills, etc.   Piggy Banks – Start with picking up and putting in one coin at a time. As your child becomes more skilled with this, have them pick up multiple coins at once, storing them in their palm and sliding them to their fingers one at a time to place them in the piggy bank. DIY Piggy Bank   Play-Doh – Use two hands to roll into “snakes” or “meatballs” to develop the small muscles of the hand and encourage bilateral hand use!   Tongs – Use tongs to drop soft fuzzy pom-poms down paper towel rolls or match them by color in muffin tins. Fill a tub of water with magnetic letters, shapes, etc., have your child “fish” for them using tongs! Pinterest Tong Ideas   Washing Windows – You will be surprised how much kids actually enjoy this activity! Spray bottles are a great way to incorporate fine motor strengthening. Washing windows is a great way to strengthen a child’s shoulder joint. Encourage them to reach up high and use both hands on the towel at one time. Similar Activities   Peeling stickers, using clothespins, hand clapping games, Cats Cradle, icing cookies, origami, Etch-A-Sketch, squeeze fruits...