These are the texts we love to receive!

“At dentist”

“Check this out”

“First time laid back all by himself and just hanging there”

Parents frequently ask if their child is too old to make progress.  Our answer is always NO!

This young man is 17 years old.  Secondary to his gravitational insecurity and overall sensory defensiveness, leaning his head back and/or laying on his back was truly a very difficult task.

He has been able to participate in activities during his Speech/Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy sessions at Kid Power which treat these areas.  The support from his loving family combined with his hard work has lead to success across environments.

He has the best sense of humor and a big heart.

He works hard every day.  We are so proud of him!!!

We are so proud of Katherine! She worked hard to sing the National Anthem before a high school basketball game. Not only does she sing, she swims for Special Olympics, takes part in school plays, manages her high school fastpitch team, and much more.  You are amazing Katherine! We can’t wait to hear you sing again soon!

K started coming to Kid Power Therapy at the age of 2 years old, was non-verbal until almost 5, and has received speech/language and occupational therapy his whole life.  This past Spring, he successfully graduated from High School and is now taking his talents to a college campus experience through an innovative new program called IMPACT!!!

Throughout his journey in life with his supportive parents and additional guidance from his therapists at Kid Power, K has successfully overcome many obstacles.  K’s weaknesses were supported and transformed into his many strengths!  A lack of language hasn’t held him back from greeting customers at his job on a busy campus.  K overcame his sensory challenges while he was running cross country in the rain, standing on a surfboard or snow skiing at Perfect North Slopes! Handwriting?  Nothing like hand-writing 59 graduation thank you notes!

K’s many successes and talents have led him to create his own personal path in life, one that is far from complete.  His next stop?  Renting an art studio with his dad, where he will continue his passion for art and hopefully start an art-related micro business in the upcoming years.  In the meantime, he is going to enjoy a college campus experience, where he will mingle with fellow students, take music lessons, work on an independent study, and just enjoy life as a successful young adult!